1.Which statement about the effects of cigarette smoke on a fetus is ? A.The fetus gets less oxygen when its mother smokes and makes fewer

1.Which statement about the effects of cigarette smoke on a fetus is ? A.The fetus gets less oxygen when its mother smokes and makes fewer breathing movements. B.Carbon monoxide does not cross the placental barrier. C.Negative outcomes of smoking can include being born preterm and/or having cognitive difficulties. D.The prevalence of smoking cigarettes among American women decreases with increasing levels of education. 2.Neonatal abstinence syndrome is best described as A.an indication that a baby will most likely become addicted to a substance as an adult. B.the temporary withdrawal symptoms following prenatal exposure to heroin or methadone. C.the long-term effects of prenatal exposure to an environmental hazard, such as lead or mercury. D.a psychological problem caused by absence of an attachment figure in the neonatal period. 3.Jason was born with facial deformities, including widely spaced eyes, an indistinct philtrum (space between lip and nose), thin upper lip, and flattened nose. Once Jason starts preschool, his teacher notices that he is hyperactive, easily distracted, and may need to be assessed for presence of a learning disability. Given Jason’s cluster of symptoms, what course do you expect as he gets older? A.All of the answer choices listed for this question are correct. B.his academic deficits will continue to persist in his schooling C.his maladaptive behaviors will significantly decrease in adolescence D.his facial deformities will become even more prominent in adolescence 4.Which of the following statements about pregnancy is ? A.When you’re pregnant, you need double the amount of calories. B.A fast fetal heart rate indicates that you’re having a girl. C.The act of having sex while pregnant will hurt the baby. D.Women may have difficulty concentrating during the first three months of pregnancy. 5.Which description correctly identifies the effect of thalidomide on developing fetuses? A.The drug caused limb deformities if taken during the third trimester of pregnancy. B.The drug caused limb deformities if taken before the 4th week of pregnancy because this is the sensitive period for implantation. C.The drug caused limb deformities if taken during the 4th and 6th week after conception because this is the sensitive period for limb development. D.The drug never crossed the placenta barrier, and thus, was safe for pregnant women. 6.Which of the following statements is regarding alcohol use during pregnancy? A.Major health authorities currently recommend abstaining from alcohol use during pregnancy due to the uncertainty regarding how much alcohol it takes to start causing problems. B.Pregnant women ages 35-44 are the demographic group least likely to drink (i.e., at least 1 drink in the past 30 days). C.Pregnant women ages 18-24 are the demographic group most likely to binge drink (i.e., 4 or more drinks on one occasion in the past 30 days). D.It is difficult for a fetus to metabolize alcohol, which may result in higher levels staying in the fetus for an extended period of time. 7.In the United States, what percentage of women smoke cigarettes while pregnant? A.15% B.7% C.<1% D.23% 8.All of the following are true regarding neonatal abstinence syndrome, A.Most medical professionals would prefer to have a baby born with NAS rather than be born preterm B.Symptoms of NAS typically peak 48 hours after birth and then disappear. C.Symptoms of NAS could include excessive crying, dehydration, and nausea. D.Treatment for NAS could include medication for severe problems, such as seizures.

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