1- You are eating a granola bar and see the nutrition facts label lists: The granola bar contains _______ kcal per serving. 2-You consume a

1- You are eating a granola bar and see the nutrition facts label lists: The granola bar contains _______ kcal per serving. 2-You consume a total of 1850 kcal in a day. As you are reviewing your intake you see that you consumed 55.5g of fat, 222g of carbohydrates, and 115.5g of protein. That means  ________% of your intake came from fats. 3-Which is NOT a permitted health claim? Diets with enough calcium may reduce risk of osteoporosis. Diets low in sugar may reduce the risk of cancer. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. None of these responses are permitted. 4-If a group of people consumed an amount of protein equal to the estimated average requirement for their life stage, what percentage would receive insufficient amounts? 2, 33, 50, 98 5-The last food(s) to buy when shopping in the supermarket should be ________. fresh fruit and vegetables bread frozen foods raw poultry and eggs 6-In general, cooking poultry and ground meat to ________ °F is sufficient to kill pathogenic organisms. 7-Describe 3 physical signs or symptoms of chronic food insecurity in children. 8-Insufficient production of bile is mostly likely to impair absorption of ________. starch, protein, fat, carbohydrates. 9-Provide four suggestions for someone who commonly develops constipation. 10-What would happen to the lining of the stomach if mucus were not produced? The production of intrinsic factor would decrease Carbohydrates could not be digested. Pepsinogen would not become activated Cells in the stomach would not be protected from gastric juices. 11-Treatment for reactive hypoglycemia includes ________. administering insulin before a meal eating regular meals and snacks of protein and complex carbohydrates and avoiding excess simple sugar following a high-protein, high-fat diet taking supplements of vitamins and minerals 12-List and explain which two primary hormones are regularly involved in maintaining normal blood glucose levels. 13-What is atherosclerosis and what key blood cholesterol factors are most associated with this disease? 14- Suggest 3 meals that make use of the concept of complementary proteins. Provide a short explanation for why they are complementary. 15- What would be the effect on protein digestion if insufficient amounts of gastrin were being produced? Too much HCL would be produced, resulting in rapid protein digestion. Too little HCL would be produced, resulting in insufficient protein digestion. Too much amylase would be produced, inhibiting the digestion of protein. No effect; gastrin does not play a role in the secretion of enzymes or substances related to protein digestion. 16-How does the body absorb and digest low to moderate amounts of alcohol?

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