2. the primary difference between domestic and international


2.  The primary difference between domestic and international terrorism is the country in which a violent extremist decides to commit the act of terror. International terrorist organizations incorporate fighters from around the globe. Their message spreads a global goal that spreads beyond the borders of the country where the organization was founded. Domestic terrorism on the other hand is conducted by violent extremist within their country of citizenship. All of the other aspects remain the same, to include a political and ideological goal, use of violence to intimidate and try to spark change, and inspiration by a leader, group, or ideology. One of the primary differences in modern religious terrorism, such as international Islamic terrorism and domestic Islamic terrorism, is how the connection is made to the leader. In international terrorist organizations fighters will often travel to and train at a foreign training camp. This travel will allow direct contact with inspirational leaders. In domestic violence cases, often the connection to inspiration is made in cyberspace. Americans can become inspired to commit violence through social media postings and online content that can be accessed at the push of a button. There is no need for direct contact to an inspirational figure.

Oversees terrorist activity is easier to track and defeat because known violent organizations are monitored by a myriad of international law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic agencies. People that are potential threats have their travel monitored or stopped completely. Funds used by these organizations are confiscated by governments and supplies are difficult to move across borders. Domestic terrorists do not have this level of monitoring. Within the US, Americans expect a certain level of personal privacy which allows online activity to remain difficult to track. Also, the logistics of an attack are substantially easier when they do not involve international travel. Guns and supplies are readily available through both legal and illegal means within the US.

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