8. Term Paper instructions You are the CEO of a European auto maker group (Pick one company from this list: Volvo, Citroen, Fiat, Renault,Audi, Volkswagen)

8. Term Paper instructions

You are the CEO of a European auto maker group (Pick one company from this list: Volvo, Citroen, Fiat, Renault,Audi, Volkswagen) that is planning to launch a subsidiary in Detroit Michigan (USA). The size of the European company is the equivalent of a fortune 500 company in the USA. You are asked to research the market and international management issues, including finding detailed data. You should consider the broad auto industry in the USA but you will also be asked to find detailed information about the major companies that operate in that industry.

1) Find background material of the auto industry (economic, legal and political environment) with the use of academic and business magazines and reports. You are required to have at least 10 quality academic background sources (minimum 10) for this section.
2) Next, discuss the Market Structure
i) History of the industry
ii) Major competitors and their market share
iii) Market concentration ratio
iv) New entry conditions
v) Merger and acquisition activity
vi) Pricing schemes
3) Discuss some cultural issues that you may encounter in Detroit
4) Conduct a SWOT analysis of your industry with the data that you found:
5) Discuss some human resources issues that you may encounter as a European company in Detroit.
6) Select a structure for your firm. Discuss why you selected that structure.
Using the points above, prepare the final report with the following required sections:

1. Cover Page (1 page)
2. Executive Summary (1 page) – includes short introduction, main findings and conclusions
3. Background Information (2 pages) – includes summary of the 10 minimum required reading sources.
4. Main Body of paper (5 pages minimum) and Porter`s Five Forces – includes all findings – use APA referencing
5. SWOT Analysis (2 pages)
6. Conclusions (1 page)
7. Bibliography – follow APA

Other info: Paper must be typed with 10-15 pages in MS Word (including cover page, bibliography, graphs, tables). It does not include the appendix.
Write a standard, professional business report.
Follow proper bibliography guidelines by applying APA citation style. You can read about APA citation rules here: www2.liu.edu

The paper will be graded as:

1. Executive Summary & Introduction 15%
2. Content of Body –other sections 60%
3. Organization and flow of ideas 15%
4. Writing – APA format 10%

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