American Government 2305 Student Polling Project Notes Any topic is fair game as long as you connect it to government. One of the learning outcomes

American Government 2305 Student Polling Project


Any topic is fair game as long as you connect it to government. One of the learning outcomes of this project is to you realize the extent to which government is now involved in every aspect of our lives. Think of a hobby, your job, or academic field of study you find interesting and devise a poll based on a relationship with government.

Copies of past poll projects are provided for example purposes only. They are not to be used as the standard templates for all poll projects. Their purpose is to serve as guides to assist the student in crafting their own ideas.

The documents include copies of profile pages with demographic questions. Additionally, a brief summary sheet designed to support the slide presentation is given. Summary reports are to be included with all poll assignments.


As you move forward in the creation of your own poll, keep in mind these rules:

Separate demographic questions from the actual poll questions. Keep both on separate sheets of paper.

Direct topic questions must be at least 10, with 20 more preferred. There is no limit on the maximum number and you are encouraged to expand your poll as much as you like.

Absolute minimum of 10 people must be polled, though 20 or more is preferred. Again, you are encouraged to expand the number of people to any size desired.

Report and visual aids should be comprehensive and support each other.

Give a good explanation of your topic, why you chose it, what the results were, any surprises, unusual events that surrounded your experience in interviewing other people, etc.

By the end of the first week of the poll assignment release, each student is expected to submit a summary paragraph of their poll. This will include the topic chosen, why you chose that topic, what findings are expected, and any potential difficulties foreseen.
All polling projects must be completed and ready for submission by the last half of the course, if called upon to present. At that time, presentations will be scheduled for briefing the instructor and students on the poll results.

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