An analysis of two images at least 800 words

A comparison between two things is one of the most effective ways of making a point in an argument and it is a technique employed across the board by lawyers arguing a case in court, for example, op-ed writers putting forth an opinion in a newspaper, or researchers offering an interpretation in a scholarly journal. Great orators like Cicero have spoken of the art of comparing. What I would like you to do in this paper is to select one image from the course material thus far and one image of your choosing and compare them. Write about them in relationship to one another: what are their most important similarities?; what are their most important differences? You will practice thinking about this type of comparison because we will present and discuss comparisons just about every day. As the course progresses you will become very familiar with what comparisons can and cannot do. The final paper will be at least 800 words and make an argument about the relationship between the two images.

I have attached my owned two images and outline. Please follow my outline. You can add more your points and arguments. Thank!

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