Attached is the download link for the file It is a tall order to develop a new PMO optimally without prior experience. No longer

Attached is the download link for the file It is a tall order to develop a new PMO optimally without prior experience. No longer is success driven by any one single defining factor; it requires multiple elements. Smart organizations understand that proven project management practices lead to greater success and reduced efforts and costs. There are many aspects that, when overlooked, may result in failure. To eliminate some of the dangerous pitfalls in establishing a PMO office. Coker Group has a proven methodology in ing clients with this momentous task. To deploy and implement a PMO, Coker will assume the role of the PMO and/or we will co-manage within the organization’s internal staff identified to operate the PMO. In conjunction with the Client’s formed steering committee and/or executive sponsor, the Coker PMO will serve as the focal point in coordinating efforts to support the Client’s projects and organizational goals and vision of the future. Coker’s Program Manager will position and serve as the central command center within the many projects, committees, locations of care, and key stakeholders to create transparency and accountability for a positive adoption. The overarching objective of the project is to instill and transfer knowledge to those staff members who will be continuing to manage the PMO going forward. Developing functional “Super Users” within each of the critical areas for corporate oversight is a necessary strategy for selfsustainability for the support of the new methodologies and processes. Coker will deliver the following services in the phases identified below: Phase One — Initial Establishment of Critical Success Factors  Coker recommends an initial pre-implementation scoping assessment to determine areas of needs and priorities, including current and future projects, staffing, operations, current workflows, and organizational objectives and goals. Phase One will be used to define Phase Two further. Phase Two — Establish Program Management Office (PMO) Managed by CPL/Program Manager  Coker’s PMO will manage with the following initiatives: – Serve as the central point of communications for the corporate level sponsors – Facilitate weekly/monthly conference calls and task management – Provide executive sponsor/oversight and the steering committee with project status update reports – Provide support and management of scheduling, project plans, collaboration and communication, timelines, resource management, and facilitation of the client steering committee meetings – Oversee and manage current projects – Track the issues and oversee their resolution Coker has a seasoned team of consultants to implement your PMO. As with all of our consulting projects, we strongly encourage a highly-collaborative relationship with our clients, and we intend to engage the Client team in promoting knowledge transfer and practical learning, when possible, to enable the organization to be sustainable beyond implementation and post-go-live. Whether your organization is looking to implement a PMO or migrate to another technology solution, Coker can provide resolutions to your needs. We also offer consultation on system integration, consolidation, and retiring applications. Coker Group’s expertise in vendor vetting, data analytics, and software implementation gives us a unique perspective to assist organizations of all sizes to resolve their technology needs. For more information on our services and to discuss your technology needs, visit, or call 678-832-2021 to speak with Christopher Torregosa, Senior Manage Attached is the download link for the file

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