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develop a 1 to 2 page handout describing the basic information that clients, parents, and/or teachers should know about this topic. You must use language appropriate for a layperson that is not a specialist in audiology or speech-language pathology. Make it look like a brochure. Pick a topic from here and make a brochure. Do not copy one from online. 


Topic List:

·  Public laws that affect people with hearing loss

·  Organizations for people with hearing loss (what is the name of the group, how do you contact them, who is their target audience?) Must be detailed, not just a list.

·  The team approach to audiologic rehabilitation (various professional and their roles)

·  Deaf culture

·  The effects of hearing loss on speech understanding

·  Auditory/Verbal Approach

·  Auditory/Oral Approach

·  Total Communication Approach

·  Bilingual/Bicultural Approach

·  Cued Speech

·  Differences between sign language systems

·  How to make speech reading most efficient

·  Psychosocial effects of hearing loss in children

·  Psychosocial effects of hearing loss in adults

·  Effects of hearing loss on academic performance in school-aged children

·  Types of hearing aids

·  Cleaning and maintaining hearing aids

·  Hearing aid batteries (size, cost, how long they last, which hearing aids use which batteries)

·  Choosing special amplification systems (FM, loop, infrared) for children

·  Choosing special amplification systems (FM, loop, infrared) for adults

·  Who is a candidate for a cochlear implant?

·  Educational placements for children with hearing loss

·  Tips for best communication in a noisy restaurant

·  Tips for arranging living room furniture for optimal communication

·  Devices to assist the deaf on the telephone

·  Devices to assist the hard of hearing on the telephone

·  What are the different kinds of cochlear implants?

·  What can I expect from my child’s cochlear implant?

·  The Ling sound test – Why is it important?

·  How to audiologists help people with hearing loss?
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