Can a tutor offer me ; 1. is the reflexivity of the following article? 2. Offer your summary of the article above? 3. Any

Can a tutor offer me ; 1. is the reflexivity of the following article? 2. Offer your summary of the article above? 3. Any changes in fraction bioavailable, elimination half-life indicates nonlinearity of that particular drug. a) True b) False 4. Which of the following creates nonlinearity in drug distribution and not in drug absorption? a) When absorption is solubility or dissolution rate-limited b) When absorption involves carrier-mediated transport systems c) When a presystemic gut wall or hepatic metabolism attains saturation d) Saturation of binding sites on plasma proteins 5. Which one of these are correct Michaelis-Menten equation? a) -dC/dt = Vmax C/Km+C b) dC/dt = Vmax C/Km+C c) -dC/dt = Vmax C/Km d) -dC/dt = Km+C/Vmax C 6. is bioavailability? 7. is the equation of bioavailable fraction? 8. Which of the following is not an objective of bioavailability studies? a) Primary stages of development of suitable dosage form for new drug b) Determination of the influence of excipients, patient-related factors, etc c) Development of new formulations of the existing drugs d) Control the quantity of the drug to be administered 9. Single-dose bioavailability studies are simple and common. a) True b) False 10. Multiple dose study is better since we can understand the peak, valley, drug blood levels, etc. a) True b) False 11. Which of the following is the pharmacodynamics method of studying bioavailability? a) Acute pharmacologic response b) Plasma-level time studies c) Urinary excretion studies d) Stool excretion studies

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