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For this assignment, you will develop a condensed literature review on a topic you chose. The literature that you select should be relevant to a current issue, problem, innovation, change, or trend in your field or specialization. The topic I choose is doctoral degree reading and literacy research on how to help students  learn better in the classroom.


Paper Organization

Start with a title page and organize your paper with the following guidelines:

  • Title Page: Use [Chosen Topic]: Literature Review as your paper title.
  • Introduction: The opening content should directly follow the title of the paper (repeated from the title page) and provide an introduction of your chosen topic and overview of what will be included in your paper.
  • Overview of Topic: Begin the body of your paper with an overview of the topic you chose for this review. Your topic description can begin with a broad consideration related to education. Write in third person and include literature support. 
  • Topic Relation to Specialization: Provide a detailed description and examples of how the topic you chose to review specifically relates to your specialization. Write in third person and include literature support. 
  • Review of the Literature: The literature review should include a minimum of five references from peer-reviewed journal articles related to your education specialization.
  • As you review your articles, keep in mind the process of questioning. For example, how the articles present similar or contrasting information about your topic, how well the articles support your perspective on the topic, and if you discovered something new about your topic through your literature review.
    • Continue to write in third person and leverage the literature.
    • Apply principles of critical thinking to your analyses and evaluations of the literature you review. 
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion should emphasize the main themes in your paper and provide a synthesis of the literature reviewed.
  • References: Include a minimum of five different scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles (related to your field of specialization) that are also cited in the paper. Your citations must have references, and your references need to be included within your paper as in-text citations.
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