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After reviewing the material for the chapter, you are to answer the following questions in 5 to 7 sentence responses per question set (group of questions, #1, #2, etc.) . Please remember to consider all questions being asked and to use material from the chapter to support your responses. 

Your responses should demonstrate a clear engagement and understanding of the course material, critical application of the sociological concepts/theory and should include clear grammar and sentence structure. Please review the assignment rubric under ‘Course Resources’ for clearer indication of grading distribution and let  me know if you have any questions/concerns. 

  1. Similar to race, gender is also examined as a social construction by sociologists. Gender is also sometimes discussed as “fluid” and not “fixed.” To better understand both of these ideas listen to the podcast Invisibilia: “The Power of Categories” at Listen to the “Introduction” and “Paige’s Story.” Paige identifies herself as sometimes being in “male mode” and at other times in “female mode.” Paige does not identify as transgender but as someone who is in “control of her identity.” Knowing this, identify three ways Paige’s identity is socially constructed. What do you make of Paige’s ability to change her posture and behavior as she goes between “female mode” and “male mode”? Can you identify times when you find your gender identity being more fluid instead of fixed? If so, when?
  2. Find two advertisements in a magazine, online platform, newspaper, etc. that appear to speak to a female audience and two that seem to speak to a male audience. Do a simple gender analysis of the ads by answering the following questions: What kind of product is a given ad selling? What kind of gender image of men or women is it “selling” along with the product? What specifically does the ad lead us to believe about men or women? How are images of men and women in the ads similar to and different from one another? What might a ‘feminist’ say about the differences you find in your analysis? (Use any of the forms of feminism described in the PowerPoint or you could use the main principles of feminism more generally)
  3. The chapter PowerPoint also discussed the types of homophobia in the US and aboard. Find a real world example of at least two of the types of homophobias discussed. You should find a news article, academic journal article, video, etc. as an example of homophobia and also provide a description. Do you feel that homophobia is an issue that we should attempt to correct? Why or why not?
  4. Pick one of the ways in which the gender binary is challenged that was discussed in the PowerPoint (slides 5 and 6) or pick one that you know of that wasn’t discussed and do a short investigation on it. What is the history of this group? What symbolic elements of identity are important to this group? How do they challenge the gender binary? What sort of inequalities have these groups faced? etc.

Please use this link to upload your work. 

Assignment is due on Sunday May 1 by 11:59 pm. 

Worth 20 points

Note: Please only upload word docs or pdf files DO NOT SUBMIT ANY .PAGES FILES

Chapter Learning Objectives:

To read these particular portions of the chapter, please click on the links below and you will be taken to that section of the book. 

9.1 What Is Social Stratification?

  • Differentiate between open and closed stratification systems
  • Distinguish between caste and class systems
  • Understand meritocracy as an ideal system of stratification

9.2 Social Stratification and Mobility in the United States

  • Understand the U.S. class structure
  • Describe several types of social mobility
  • Recognize characteristics that define and identify class

9.3 Global Stratification and Inequality

  • Define global stratification
  • Describe different sociological models for understanding global stratification
  • Understand how studies of global stratification identify worldwide inequalities

9.4 Theoretical Perspectives on Social Stratification

  • Understand and apply functionalist, conflict theory, and interactionist perspectives on social stratification


For this week, you should review each section in the chapter reading and complete your chapter recap assignment and/or discussion board. You should also review all supplemental readings and/or videos that are provided for you in the module. Please remember that your responses for the chapter recap assignment should be approximately 5 to 7 sentences in length per question set (not individual questions). You should only upload word or pdf files (please DO NOT upload .pages files). Additionally, your discussion board responses are due on Friday (initial response to the discussion prompt) and Sunday (respond to at least TWO of your classmates posts). Your posts should also be approximately 5 to 7 sentences in length per question set (not individual questions). Please let me know if you have any questions concerns about the assignments. 


Please find the assignments rubric under the ‘Course Resources’ module here: Link

You can also find book resources for your textbook here: Link (Links to an external site.)

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