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Commemorative Speech Critique


SPCH 219 Mod 5 Commemorative Speech

Michael Jordan Commemorative Speech.




 Your critique on the speech should follow the guidelines below:

  • Identify ONE positive element for each of the following items (A, B, and C).

A: Introduction, Preview
B: Body, Main Points
C: Summary, Conclusion

Checklist for Review of Commemorative Speech

Audience—Is the audience and the occasion apparent?

Title—Does the title that fit well with the commemorated person or group or occasion? Introduction—Does the speech include an attention-getting important or characterizing event or trait or facts or story or quote? Was this something to which the audience could relate and feel?

Body—Were these issues addressed in the speech?

1. Reason to commemorate this person or event.

2. Relationship of the speaker to the person or event, including how this relates to the audience’s lives.

3. Specific examples of what this person has accomplished, achieved, or contributed, who has benefited from the life of this person or group, and why it would matter to the audience.

4. Impression or impact the person or group has made on others and how this relates to the audience.

5. What the audience can learn from what was described about the individual or group.

6. An anecdote, short story, brief list of facts, or short story, or something else memorable to wrap up the main ideas before closing the speech.

Conclusion—A conclusion that both emphasized the values of the commemorated person or group, and at the same time, gave the audience a way to remember the main message (such as a turn of a phrase, a vivid metaphor, or a word-painting, or other strong visceral or visual closing)

Memorability Analysis Checklist


• something to gain attention

• clear main ideas

• coherent transitions


• with details

• concrete, vivid, colorful

• appropriate for the topic, audience, and event

• turn or twist of a popular phrase to make a new meaning

• use of a familiar concept or quote in a new way


• pace that fits the purpose – usually without rushing

• pauses and vocal variety to be expressive of the meaning – not just to have variety, but to carry the meaning of what is being spoken

• rhythm that adds power to the meaning of a key idea

• strong eye contact without staring or looking too much at notes, nor too long at any one person

• minimal physical movement, limited to movements that carry a purpose


Rubric Commemorative Critique

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