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Answer the two questions below, and that’s it for the final!

1) Choose three concepts, from three different modules, that you consider to be particularly important and/or interesting. Explain each concept using your own examples and references to the readings, and explain why each concept stands out to you as being particularly important/interesting.

Requirements for this question:

  • 250 words minimum
  • 3 references to readings minimum (including page number)
  • worth 10 pts

2) In the field of communication studies, many (perhaps all) key concepts are interrelated in some way. Sometimes, those connections are direct and explicit, other times they are more indirect and implicit. Of the three concepts you mentioned above, use your knowledge and imagination to describe some of the possible interrelationships among these three concepts. What connections can you identify among these three concepts? How do they relate to one another? Are there certain communication contexts where all three concepts become very relevant?  How might you use these three concepts in your everyday life for the purposes of improving your communication with other people?

Requirements for this question:

  • 500 words minimum
  • 3 references to the readings minimum (including page number)
  • worth 20 pts
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