Communication: reflection creating an assertive message mod 4

Read the section in our text chapter 8 on creating an assertive message and watch the recorded videos on assertive messages carefully. After you have read this section review the scenarios on page 241 Activity 2 and practice creating an assertive message with two of these scenarios. Include one practice message in this submission. Then consider a current situation in your life where you think expressing an assertive message

What would be helpful for your relationship?

Reflect on this process as noted in our textbook and write out a description of your situation and then using the guidelines for assertive messages create the assertive message you think would be helpful for you in your relationship.

Use and identify the parts that make up an assertive message as described in your textbook on page 226 “Characteristics of an Assertive Message” to make sure that you have created the whole message.

If you feel comfortable then share the message that you have created for your own situation (do you have a neighbor with a barking dog) with this person. What happened? If you did not feel comfortable sharing what was missing that would have helped you feel comfortable speaking this message (just show me that you have reflected on this and why you did not feel comfortable to do this at this time) ? Be sure to clearly write out your final message here and note each of the five steps in this process next to the message itself. 

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