Communications assignment 1 | Management homework help

5 short answer questions, about one paragraph each but need to answer the whole question. Very easy assignment. Thank you

1. Compare and contrast Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy and Taylor’s Theory of Scientific Management. What of these theories best fits the machine metaphor of the classical approach?

2. Emily’s clothing store is in disarray. She has tried to run a democratic organization with no one in charge of anyone else, assuming that a loose structure would convince everyone to work together in harmony. To put it bluntly, it’s not working. Choose four of Fayol’s principles of management that you think would be most helpful to get Emily’s store back on track. Describe these principles in the abstract and in terms of how they could be instituted at Emily’s store? Why do you think these particular principles are helpful? 

3. How does the electronic monitoring of employee communication in organizations fit clearly with classical aspects of workplace communication?  Discuss issues of content, direction, channel, and style of communication.

4. Explain how Frederick Taylor’s Theory of Scientific Management applies to the Chapter 2 case study about Creamy Creations.  Which tenets of the theory apply?  How are those tenets utilized by the Creamy Creations? 

5. What three types of authority did Weber identify? What are examples of each of these types of authority? Which type of authority did Weber advocate for effective organizational functioning and why? 

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