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Mohammed is a five-year-old in  your kindergarten room.  He enjoys being with other children, but often  has a difficult time sharing materials at his table.  He does not like  to wait his turn at the drinking fountain or the slide outside.  He  tends to push and yell at other children in the class when he wants to  get to these two things in particular as they seem to be his favorite.   You would like to see this behavior diminish by helping Mohammed learn  about turn taking in the classroom and on the playground.  You decide to  write a social story to him that you can read to him individually and  even to a small group.

Part 1: Write a Social Story based on  the scenario that you can read to Mohammed. You will put this into a  form of a story. You should add clip art or pictures.

Part 2: After the story, explain how  doing this assignment can help you become a better educator.  How does  your knowledge of social narratives help you improve as a professional  educator?

Then, give three scenarios explaining  how you could use social narratives in a classroom setting with a child  with special needs and typically developing children and why the social narratives may be helpful to all students. The  two sections should be clearly marked and spell checked. The number of  pages may vary as you may want to put each section of your story on  separate pages so you can print them out as a book.  Be sure to include  part 2.

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