Deliverable 7 – proposal for implementation



You have recently changed jobs, and have left your previous role working in the hospitality and tourism industry, and have taken a position with HealthyCo–a major health insurance provider–in hopes of advancing your career. During your first week on the job, you have received a fairly comprehensive orientation to the new environment and have a preliminary understanding of the organization.

HealthyCo is currently supporting over 10 million members across the United States, all of whom have clinical data related to their health within the organization’s tools. One such tool is a complex web portal allowing users to log in and access medical records, treatment history, select a doctor, find a hospital, submit medical claims receipts, and much more. A mobile app has also been released that allows for remote access to these systems, as well as incentive trackers for fitness programs, wellness programs for pregnant mothers, dietary advice, and access to a 24/7 emergency nurse service for support over the phone.

Your boss, Marissa Brooks, has tasked you with explaining the current space to a group of board members and upper management by providing a high-level assessment of opportunities of how business intelligence practices could be employed for the online portion of the business and how it can relate back to clinical systems. As you are still new, the request is not to focus on specifics, but more on opportunities at a high-level such as at a system-to-system level.

The questions they are presenting you with include:

  • How can business intelligence practices improve our member’s experience? What can we do with this information?
  • What recommendations do you have for changes or additions to our current system structure?
  • Is there a need for a full business intelligence team in our organization, or can we work within our current employee base and just add duties to those who are qualified?

The task:

Record a presentation using the screen sharing Webware/software of your choice (an Internet search will reveal many free options). Your presentation can be recorded with your own voiceover and visuals, just as you would if you were giving the presentation live.

Your proposal to the board and management should explain why a dedicated business intelligence team should be put into place to support HealthyCo and its continued growth, with a specific focus on the systems mentioned above. Your proposal should include specifics related to integration opportunities with the identified systems, the importance of data privacy, data warehousing opportunities to leverage data collected and stored, opportunities for executive dashboard creation and use, and a list of business intelligence team members and what their primary duties would be.

Create a summary report to accompany your presentation as a takeaway for your board and executive management team.

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