Devise a strategic plan for square (

Based on your analysis of the industry sector and competitive dynamics, please recommend a new strategy for the company to adopt. You will consider all of the concepts that you have learned in the course, and the work you have done in your teams to develop the strategy. 

  1. Using the different evaluation frameworks that you have learned (e.g. SWOT, PESTLE, 5 Forces), describe the current situation and environment that the organization is in, including direct and potential competitors. Identify the internal and external factors that are most critical to the organization.
  2. Identify the most appropriate strategic frameworks and strategic approach(es) (e.g. Strengths/Opportunities, Weaknesses/Threats, etc.), and justify why those frameworks and approaches are appropriate.
  3. Describe the recommended strategy and its path to implementation.
  4. Describe how analytics could be employed:
    1. To better understand the strategic environment;
    2. To select a strategy; and
    3. To evaluate the performance of the strategy
  5. Describe what might happen in the course of implementing the strategy that would cause changes to some of its elements – and what those changes might be. Please consider as many factors as possible, e.g. competitive, environmental, economic etc.

Reference at least 3 new sources from your own independent research in addition to any course readings and lecture material you cite.  Please use APA format for all citations.

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