Discussion 4: healthcare and illness


  • You just read an article in this module about the effects of COVID-19 on the black and brown communities. This video discusses the systemic racism that exists in our health care system. Make a connection between this system racism and the number of COVID patients in these communities. Give evidence from your reading.
  • What is the connection between socioeconomic factors, race, and availability of health care in the United States? Share evidence you found while researching.
  • Do you think the same type of social inequality exists in the health care system in relation to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion? Give examples.
  • What are some changes that could be made to eliminate this bias and discrimination that exists in our health care system? Be specific.

Be sure to answer each prompt completely.  Minimum 500 words. Include references to the text and other scholarly material in your post. You must have at least 2 scholarly sources. Respond to at least 2 of your classmates postings.  Check the discussion forum grading rubric to make sure your posting meets minimum requirements.

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