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First i need initial Post and i will send six posts of other students, so you can reply. Need the Initial Post in 10 hours. Instructions of the discussion are given below. Chapter 12 and 13 PPT lectures are also attached. 

Initial Post should be at least 200 words and replies should be 100-150 words. 


This discussion relates to the material presented in Chapter 12 & 13. Students are expected to provide input, opinions, and feedback to the postings of the professor and other students during the availability period for this discussion forum. Students are to post a minimum of six times. The first post is to be made within seven days of the discussion opening. The remaining posts are to be interactions between the students throughout the discussion forum’s availability. Utilize the information from the text, as well as your personal and professional experiences and knowledge in your participation in this discussion forum.

Grading Information

This discussion is graded according to the Discussions Forum Rubric, which can be found by clicking the three vertical dots (i.e. overflow menu, kebab menu) in the upper right corner of this discussion forum. Here are step-by-step instructions for locating the rubric. (Links to an external site.) Late posts will not be accepted for grading. No make-up work is permitted for Discussions.

Discussion Forum Topic: The Story of Victor

“Victor,” said supervisor Nathan Redding, “would you stop by my office about 15 minutes before you clock out?  I want to give you your annual performance appraisal.  It won’t take long, and I know you’ll want to leave by five o’clock.”

Victor had forgotten that it was “that time of year” again, but he was looking forward to the meeting because he wanted to discuss some new performance standards for his job.  Also, he was slightly worried about the appraisal because he did not think his performance had been up to par over the past year.

Promptly at 4:45 Victor knocked on Nathan’s office door and was asked to come in.  As he entered, Victor found his supervisor rushing to get some last-minute orders dated so they could be filled by the late shift.  As Victor sat down, Nathan began, “I’ve filled out your performance appraisal, so why don’t you look it over and sign it. You’ll see that I’ve given you excellent ratings on all the factors, but everyone in the crew got excellent ratings this year.  I was really impressed with how everyone pitched in to get the Seattle order out this month.  That order was really important to the company.  I don’t have anything else to add; just keep up the good work, and I’ll get you a good raise.”

Victor looked the appraisal over and signed it.  He could tell Nathan was really busy, so he thought he had better leave.  Besides, he did not want to ruin his chances for a salary increase.  However, as he left Nathan’s office he felt disappointed with the meeting.

Discuss Victor’s experience in this situation. What suggestions would you offer Victor to allow him to gain more from his performance appraisals? Describe how this situation is related to employee motivation.

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