Edu 673 week 5 assignment ( differentiated assessment ) – a graded –

Differentiated Assessment
Over the past four weeks you’ve had the opportunity to create a classroom environment that supports the foundations of differentiated instruction (DI), brainstorm differentiated strategies that align with the Common Core State Standards, and create the foundation for a unit plan based that incorporates instructional technology while adhering to UDL and DI principles. 
This week, you will use what you’ve learned to create a summative assessment for the unit plan you created using one of the strategies from your PLC blog, and with the classroom environment you’ve outlined in Week Two. 
This summative assessment must:

    1. Identify the Common Core State Standard being assessed for mastery (it can be the same one you used in Week Four’s assignment).
    2. Identify a unit goal that aligns with the Common Core State Standard.  

For example: The students will (Measurable Verb) by (A specific outcome with a specific tool) with ___% accuracy. 
You will also address:

      • Measurable mastery – Describe how mastery can be measured. (e.g., classify, discriminate, create, construct, defend, predict, evaluate, etc.). Be sure to avoid subjective words such as know, understand, learn, or appreciate.
      • A specific outcome – Explain what students will do to demonstrate mastery. (e.g., skill or knowledge that has been gained as a result of this unit).
      • Measurable progress – Identify the tool that will be used to measure mastery. (e.g., project, journal, test, etc.).
      • Proficiency Level – Determine the acceptable level of achievement to demonstrate mastery.
    1. Create three formative assessments using the three day lesson plan outline from the unit plan. Be sure that each formative assessment addresses:
      • a unique, differentiated teaching strategy for each day’s lesson,
      • multiple intelligences,
      • student’s different learning styles, and
      • how the assessment results will be used to drive instruction.
    2. Create a summative assessment that appraises mastery of the Common Core State Standard and the Unit Objective. Be sure to use the summative assessment outline plan from the unit plan. The summative assessment must include:
      • Directions to complete the assessment written using vocabulary and terms geared towards your identified student population.
      • A rubric that clearly details how each part of the assignment will be graded.
      • Provisions for addressing multiple intelligences and various learning styles.


      The assignment should be a minimum of five pages in length, not including the title and reference pages, and must include reference to the course text and one additional resource (scholarly article or online resource). The assignment must be cited in proper APA format. A title and reference page must be included.
      Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


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