En36s : technical communication | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

EN36S : Technical Communication

Question 1

Technical communication skills are:

important primarily in the Information Technology sector.

increasingly critical to success in most business-related jobs.

utilized by individual employees, not work teams.

independent of ethical concerns.

Question 2

Methods for preventing/overcoming group conflict include all EXCEPT:

active listening.

recognizing that gender differences are a myth.

structured debate.

building cross-cultural understanding.

Question 3

In evaluating the accuracy of source information, be aware that:

printed sources are consistently reliable.

digital sources should not be used in research.

even reputable information sources may contain hidden agendas.

you can trust only independently funded, noncommercial sources.

Question 4

When editing for clarity, do all of the following, EXCEPT:

avoid ambiguous pronoun references.

use passive voice whenever possible.

avoid redundancy.

use nominalizations.

Question 5

Integrate fluency into a technical document by:

making fine distinctions between related ideas.

avoiding simple terms.

keeping sentence lengths about the same.

using acronyms only selectively.

Question 6


have ethical and legal considerations.

can be written for transmittals, to create summaries, or for follow-up.

focus on one topic.

All of the above answers are correct.

Question 7

Avoid the following in writing your résumé:

Putting work history before education.

Putting work history in direct chronological order.

Adding hyperlinks to an online résumé.

Including achievement statements within your work history.

Question 8

Effective instructions:

require careful, precise editing.

are bulleted.

can use visuals without descriptive text.

should not include multicolumn design.

Question 9

Informal informational reports do NOT include:

progress reports.

meeting minutes.

feasibility or causal analyses.

peer review reports.

Question 10

Formal proposals are NOT for:

product marketing.




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