In this assignment, you will compose a coherent essay consisting of at least three pages. In this essay, you will address the following:

  • Describe at least three challenges and issues healthcare leaders face in today’s healthcare field.
  • Choose at least two leadership models and/or theories, briefly describe them, and then express why it is important to apply these models and/or theories to changes taking place within the healthcare industry.
  • Determine at least two competencies that healthcare leaders must possess and demonstrate to ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes for their patients.
  • Identify the risks and benefits that might occur when healthcare policy is changed. Use the Affordable Care Act as an example of such risks and benefits.

Also, include in your essay information that discusses how internal and external communication from an organizational leadership standpoint will influence both achieving compliance and receiving resistance from stakeholders regarding positive social change.

Ensure that at least three scholarly references are used to compose your essay, one of which can be your textbook. All sources used must be cited and referenced properly using APA formatting.

Ledlow, G. R., & Stephens, J. H. (2018). Leadership for health professionals: Theory, skills, and applications [VitalSource Bookshelf version] (3rd ed.). Retrieved from 

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