essay assignment

composing a 4-5 page (double-spaced) academic essay that responds to the prompt below. The prompt will ask you to use external sources from peer-reviewed scholarly journals.  Please use ASA-style citations when quoting, paraphrasing, or citing your sources.

Additionally, it expected that your essay will be written at a college level, including correct spelling, grammar, etc. Your essay is expected to exhibit a coherent organization and a full, direct response to the prompt.


 Gender, Sexuality, Race, Ethnicity, and Age influence individuals’ experiences of the social world and the social problems therein. We have considered that our social structure influences individuals’ opportunities and chances based on these characteristics, especially when forms of de facto discrimination become institutionalized. For this essay assignment, you are tasked with reading and interpreting existing sociological research on this topic published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Use library resources to find two articles related to the same topic. The topic must cover one or more of the concepts Gender, Sexuality, Race, Ethnicity, or Age, (hint: use these words in your search!) and must relate to a social problem, unequal outcome, or form of discrimination or privilege. Once you’ve read your chosen journal articles, summarize their core findings, and relate their findings to one another. Finally, reflect on what you’ve learned, and explain how the sociological research you chose helps us understand the intersection of your chosen social factor(s) with a social problem.

To receive full credit, you must:

  • Briefly summarize both articles’ core findings
  • Explain how the articles relate to one another
  • Reflect on how the articles help us understand the intersection of social statuses and social proble
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