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In Week 3, you identified a legal issue confronting a healthcare policy from your state and explained the ongoing debate. You also identified the key stakeholders and policy makers involved in the issue and examined how the policy process works for this legal issue. This week, you will evaluate the critical aspects of your research from Week 3 and apply the tools of analysis from this course to the selected legal issue.


Using the Internet and other credible references, write 5–7-page report with a minimum of ten (10) references covering the following:

The Research

  • Evaluate the critical aspects of your research from Week 3 on the legal issue confronting the healthcare policy from your state that you identified for this course project.
  • Examine the recognized assumptions, implications, intent, and bias of this research.

Applying Tools

  • Apply the tools learned in this course to the legal issue you have researched.
  • Which entity played a major role in the healthcare policy (the federal government, local government, or private policy makers)?
  • Utilize the policy-analysis process.
  • Consider the concepts of financial feasibility analysis.

Political Feasibility

  • Explain why the knowledge of political feasibility and economic viability is important to public health policy and how it would assist in solving the legal issue you have researched.

NOTE- Be sure to use at least 10 references. Also the legal issue to be used for this paper is in regards to hospital merging. I have attached the paper used in week 3 discussing the legal issue involving hospital merging.

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