Examining top m-commerce sites | Computer Science homework help


The success of m-commerce depends partly on the quality of the user’s experience when accessing the site from an Internet-enabled mobile phone. Load time is important, and the table in Figure 6-23 on page 195 of the textbook shows the average load time for three retailers in 2016. ( i have attached a screenshot of this figure) 

  1. For this assignment, create a spreadsheet in Excel following the layout shown in Figure 6-23 on page 195 of the textbook. Then visit each of the retailers using an Internet-enabled mobile phone. Time how long each one takes to load, using a stopwatch.
  2. Enter your data in the “Current load time” column.
  3. Enter the formula to compute the Percentage Change in the row for Target and copy the formula to the other cells in the column.
  4. Which retailer’s m-commerce site has shown the most change since 2016?
  5. What factors contribute to a site’s load times? Why would your data be different from a classmate’s when accessing these sites?
  6. Create a new spreadsheet in Excel to compare Walmart and Target. Start the stopwatch, load Walmart’s site, and search for a Fodor’s (or any other) travel guide to Mexico. Add the product to your cart, check out up to the point at which you would enter a credit card number, and then write down the time from the stopwatch. Do the same experiment at Target’s site.
  7. How did your time estimates compare for the two m-commerce experiences? Overall, which site do you think offers the best user experience?
  8. Submit a Word document with your answers to questions 4, 5 and 7 and also copy paste of the two tables from Excel into your Word document. Save the Word document under your name and M3 Written Assignment. 
  9. Submit your saved Word document to the assignment submission folder.

Online-stopwatch. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.online-stopwatch.com/ 

video about how to insert excel table into a word document.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtk7lKGuhTA&feature=emb_title  

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