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Third class

OM3000 – Operations Management

Discussion 1.2 due 12/6/15:

Review Chapter 2 of your textbook to formulate a distinction between “business strategy” and “operations strategy.” Once you’ve formulated this distinction, discuss both concepts in greater detail.


Discussion 2: Due 12/13/15

Answer discussion question #1 on page 84 of your textbook, which is as follows:

Classify the following types of processes as continuous, assembly line, batch, job shop, or project:

  1. Doctor’s office
  2. Automatic car wash
  3. College curriculum
  4. Studying for an exam
  5. Registration for classes
  6. Electric utility

ASSIGNMENT 1: 12/6/15

LP1 Assignment: New Product Development

First, identify the steps that a musician would have to take in order to gain the commerical success necessary to earn his/her livelihood from selling music. Outline the actions this musician would have to complete which would make him/her successful enough to support him/her self from selling CDs or MP3s online.

Next, compare the steps you’ve identified to the fundamental steps for new-product development found in section 3.2 of your textbook. Write a one-page paper specifying the parallels/similarities that you’ve identified.

Submit this to your instructor via the dropbox “LP1 Assignment:New Product Development.” This assignment is worth 100 points; grading will be based on the LP1 Scoring Guide.


LP2 Assignment: Transition

After reading section 4.2 in your textbook, view the video clip entitled “Made for You Process Implementation Featuring McDonalds” on the student companion website. Did McDonalds transition from an MTS to MTO process or vice versa? Within the context of the McDonalds example, identify some advantages and disadvantages of using the MTS process versus the MTO process.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP2 Assignment: Transition

.” This assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide





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