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Definitions (Please be sure to review pages 540-45, 546 in your text books)

This is not a traditional case study but, rather, an opportunity for you to explore an initial idea and build on it. You will not have to extend this project beyond this particular assignment.

Here’s the basic tenants of your assignment.

First, you must choose a word. Then, you should create a one-page, info-graphic with the following: 1) an image, 2) definition, and/or 3) description.

It is important that you think about the important of research.

Research consists of immersing yourself into reputable sources and reading the discourse written by professionals in the field related to the topic or idea. For research, you are welcomed to utilize the PGCC library resources, online academic search engines, etc.

Think about the following ideas as you are writing and designing:

•Etymology: Explain the origin of the word itself (where did the word or phrase originate?)

•History: If relevant and helpful for explaining the term, discuss the history of the term/its use/controversies associated with it(was the term once used by one group of people, but since has transformed and become used by another group)?

•Description: List and define the component parts of the word (is the word derived from another language? What is the root word?)

•Principles of Operation: Discuss how the word or phrase function, including any special materials or conditions required; “how it works”(is it a noun, verb, adjective? Is it sometimes used as slang?)

•Classification: Show how the word or phrase fits into a larger category (what other words or phrases used are similar to this word or phrase?)

•Examples: Include Anecdotes or instances of this term from the real world

•Illustrations: Provide visual aids

The word you choose should come from your major, your work field, or any other specific place that you think would be useful. Again, you may work in pairs, a small group, or by yourself.

Although we extensively talked about this yesterday, please feel free to reach out to me with specific questions. Again, please review chapter 20 of your textbooks for additional information, too.

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