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Film: Darwin’s Nightmare

The purpose of this assignment is to apply relevant course concepts to the documentary film ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’

(course: Global Dimensions of Business)

Guidelines: Answer the following questions on one page, single spaced with 1-inch margins, and11 cpi font, Times New Roman.Do not repeat the question; just give the number of the question, and sub-question when applicable, for instance 1a, 1b. Underline course concepts applied.The grade will be based primarily on the use of relevant course concepts the depth of analysis.

1.What was being imported into and exported fromTanzania?  Does the pattern of trade depicted in the film conform to your understanding of the expected benefits of a country engaging in free trade and pursuing its comparative advantage?Why or why not?

2.What are the long-term consequences of such trade for Tanzania?Do you see both negative and positive outcomes?

3.Consider the visit by the European Union officials at the conference on Nile Perch.  Did the officials appear to fully understand the situation in the country?  Did they play a helpful role?

4.What can business do to  help create better social, environmental and business conditions in countries like Tanzania?Discuss from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility.

Resources:In preparation for watching the film, read the following:

◼Film Director, Hubert Sauper’s website:

◼Article by Nancy Chege of Worldwatch 

In preparation for discussion, read the following:

◼Article by Mark Weston of

◼Article by

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