Fin 3600 mod 3 homework 1


 Attached Files:

Chapter 4 Homework: P4-17a-c (pg. 146)

Chapter 5 Homework: P5-14 (pg. 176)

Homework: A 30-point assignment with various scoring opportunities for each question; those points will be prorated where applicable, and partial credit will be provided, where applicable, subject to the work you provide with your answers.  The homework template provided for each module clearly identifies those questions/problems with multiple parts.  You must use the template provided for your work, following its detailed instructions.  Do not copy any work directly into the Blackboard comments.  Problems can be solved algebraically, using Excel formulas, and/or using a TVM financial calculator, and the corrective feedback provides different types of examples where applicable.  No credit will be given if work is not shown.  The instructor will not audit your work or provide right/wrong feedback prior to submission as to influence its result.  The instructor will, however, answer any specific assignment or concept questions you may have.  For extended or ongoing one-on-one assistance, please utilize the Online Tutoring link in the course menu.  Specific/corrective feedback will be provided in Blackboard with your graded assignment as to which questions/problems were missed to give you the opportunity to revisit the work, on your own, and review your mistakes.  Following your review, the instructor will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

Chapter 4 Homework: P4-17a-c (pg. 146)

Chapter 5 Homework: P5-14 (pg. 176)

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