Final exam | Chemistry homework help


Here is the final exam and the answer sheet. Fill it out carefully by marking the correct answer in the corresponding box. Save it with your name in the file name and send it back to me before NOON TOMORROW.

Attached to the test is a list of ions and their solubility, similar to the ones we talked about in lectures.

Also, make sure you save it as an Excel file. If you save it in a different format then I won’t be able to read it.

The e-portfolio and all other assignments are due by Wednesday, May 5, at 5:00 PM. Do as many assignments as you can because I will not be counting them as late until after 5:00 PM next Wednesday.

Make sure you fill out the course evaluation, too.

I want to express my appreciation for your patience and flexibility this semester. This obviously has been an unprecedented situation for us all and I hope everything works out for you as we begin to recover from the pandemic and the shutdown.

Good luck.

Kevin Okleberry 

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