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3. In business, ethical dilemmas or situations occur frequently. Laws and regulations exist to define what unethical behavior is. However, the practicing of high-quality ethical behavior often goes beyond just meeting laws and regulations. Indicate how you would respond to the following situations.

a.Your boss has just told you that tomorrow the Federal Drug Administration will announce its approval of your firm’s marketing of a new breakthrough drug. As a result of this

19. What initial actions were taken by the U.S. government to respond to the 2007–09 financial crisis?

20. Indicate some of the career opportunities in finance available to business graduates today.

information, you are considering purchasing shares of stock in your firm this afternoon. What would you do?

b.In the past, your firm has been in compliance with regulatory standards relating to product safety. However, you have heard through the company grapevine that recently some of your firm’s products have failed resulting in injuries to customers. You are considering quitting your job due to personal moral concerns. What would you do?



2. Determine the size of the M1 money supply using the following information.

Currency Money market mutual funds Demand deposits Other checkable deposits Traveler’s checks

$700 billion $2,000 billion $300 billion $300 billion $10 billion


5. The following information is available to you: travelers’ checks

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