Five page essay on the book drown by junot diaz

This semester, we’ve tackled the short novel, “Drown,” and have come to identify

and discuss various themes imbedded in each story. A sometimes harrowing tale

of coming of age, the author masterfully narrates how two nations may either

serve to aid or destroy one’s childhood and family. For this essay, you are to

produce five (5) pages that seek to explain – with evidence – how one of the listed

themes below played an enormous role in “Yunior’s” upbringing. With this, do

keep in mind that the theme you choose will have to sustain your paper for five

full pages, so for that, carefully land on one you feel is able to do so. Being that

we are now analyzing a novel – with one theme in mind – your essay should

undoubtedly use an abundant amount of examples and lines from the book so as

to aid your work. Please refer to your notes as they will be the largest

contributing factor to this project since we’ve been taking them since chapter one

almost near the beginning of the semester.

there will be no required researched article. Your essay will

rely entirely on the book, your notes, and your ability to apply critical thinking.

The themes you have the option to choose from are…

Rising From The Ashes: How Rebirth Is Obtained Through First Falling

Africa vs. Yunior: How Yunior’s African Roots Implicate Him

Sex & Sexism: Why Are They Important?

Mami & Papi: How Their Shadows Loom Over Yunior

Papi As the Book’s Main Character & Arc

The Faceless and Nameless: The Most Important Characters

Masculinity, Yes, But Femininity Prevails

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