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Hi there

 the questions are attached, i have do the assignment and i attached too, but it need some edits and  This is the professor feedback

Diff cost:  contribution margin is $1,200,000 positive so you would keep the program
Cost Cutting:  where is the formula after you prepare the chart?
Cost Shifing:  where is the formula after you prepare the chart?  Please look at the example created by the textbook author
When you put together the labor recognize that 15 min is .25 of an hour and multiply the cost of labor at $15 x .25  and then add to supply expense.  So for amylase you would add 3.75 to .75 = 4.5 total direct expense.
GCD is 5 (general common denominator) for a RVU of .9 for amylose
Please rework for the rest of the procedures
For activity based costing you start out ok and GCD of 5 is correct as well as total cost driver for indirect…not sure why your direct was done differently, you you should have for evaluation RVU 6 x volume of 4000 = 24,000.
Steps 3-7 are missing, please see example in textbook by author and complete and resubmit.

do you think you can help me fix it?  

please do not sign the hand shake before going throw it first and make sure you can fix it i need it as soon as possible in less than 5 -6 hours

activity based example attach for step 3-7 is attached if you need any example for the rest let me know

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