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“Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) occur when businesses and assets are acquired or merged through various financial transactions. As explained in my main post, to adapt to a changing environment across borders, the first business consideration is whether the product or service is fit for duty. When Johnson & Johnson bought Actelion, it acquired Actelion’s pulmonary arterial hypertension portfolio. As a consequence, both companies may face challenges. It is difficult to successfully merge two companies because they require a great deal of change management and coordination between once separate teams. As employees may feel threatened or displaced, making them comfortable with a merger can be challenging. Some employee roles may become redundant as a result of the union. Planning is essential to a successful merger. Due to this acquisition, Actelion will become more profitable. Its resources will be made available to Actelion as Johnson & Johnson absorbs Actelion into its operations.

    Due to its size, J&J can now access more markets, produce more products, and sell them at lower prices since its size has enhanced economies of scale. In addition, post-merger integration is a primary challenge for any M&A transaction. A thorough assessment can be performed by identifying key employees, sensitive projects, and sensitive processes. Consulting, automation, and even outsourcing can be used to help you design efficient processes for clear integration.

How an M&A growth strategy can go wrong: (Frederiksen, 2022) 

1. Cultural clash – Firms have different cultures which can be problematic.

2. Loss of differentiation – If one brand’s features and benefits are not relevant to the other brand, don’t merge. The acquired or merged firms dilute the brand by acquiring or merging firms.

3. A major distraction – Integrations after mergers are resource-intensive activities involving senior personnel. If they are not prepared, they may be distracted by other much more urgent, but less critical tasks.

4. Marketplace confusion – don’t try to merge with a company unlike your own. A cell phone company shouldn’t try to buy a clothing company. 

5. Loss of brand strength- The strength of your brand will suffer if the consumer is confused. 


Frederiksen, L. (2022, March 28). Mergers and acquisitions as part of your growth strategy. Hinge Marketing. Retrieved April 6, 2022, from”

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