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Suppose you are a science teacher at an urban middle school (grades 6-8), and you have been creating a Future Science Teachers Club at your school. Participants in the club work together to create presentations about science for children at the elementary school across the street. You have stated two objectives for your activity: (1) increase Grade 8 Science test scores and (2) increase students’ appreciation of teaching as a future profession.


You need the approval of the principal, Dr. Wizard, before you can begin this activity. The principal’s main concern is how you will measure the effectiveness of the activity (administrators are always talking about accountability), based on your two stated objectives.


Write the draft of a memo (no more than 2 pages) to the principal describing your plan to evaluate the effectiveness of this activity during the next school year. You do not need to describe the activity itself, only the method(s) of evaluation. Resources needed to complete the evaluation are not a factor (pretend that the school and district will give you all the resources you need – after all, this is a hypothetical situation). You may choose quantitative methods, qualitative methods or a combination of both. Include all the following:


q  A description of the type(s) of data you will be gathering and why this/these are the most appropriate.

q  If you are using quantitative methods (solely or partially), state the research hypothesis and the design classification.

q  If you are using qualitative methods (solely or partially), describe in detail the data gathering methods you will be using.

q  Describe how the data you gather will be analyzed so that the principal’s concerns can be addressed (How will you know the activity has met both objectives?)


Remember that this is only a plan, and you will not be reporting any results or findings.


Your answer will be evaluated based on these criteria:

q  Answer includes all requested information

q  Both objectives are addressed

q  Appropriateness of methods and data types for the situation as described

q  Plan as stated will fully address the principal’s concerns

q  Organization of the response

q  Clarity of explanations


Answer this question and I will give you my answer and the sample that will make it easier for you to answer the question.

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