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USF’s Online Access Student Information System (OASIS) is the USF student records system. It manages student applications and provides new, current, and former students online access to their student records. You will use OASIS to access all your student records, including your admission application, financial aid information, contact information, immunization records, registration records, current schedule, tuition, fees and many more services. You also register for courses in OASIS.

For your ICASE assignment, USF IT department have asked you to design a system which can be used in OASIS for course registration and management during the start of each semester. The system should allow students to add/drop the courses and it should allow the staff to approve or permit students to get enrolled in the courses. 

The system will be accessed by students, staff, and professors. Students will have limited access only to add or drop them from the course. Staff have admin access to add or drop any student from the course and can update other details like seating capacity. Professors will have access to approve or decline the request of students to join the course.

Consider the important quality issues such as security and data integrity. Use your creative imagination and experience with course registration systems to perform an initial description of the desired system with the following UML diagrams:

§ Create and refine the requirements for the system using Use Case analysis to describe the functionality of the proposed system in terms of relevant actors and their goals.

§ Design the relevant Class Diagrams to represent the conceptual data modeling of the system discussed above.

§ Analyze and design State Chart Diagrams to represent a selected series of events involved in the proposed workflow system for at least one of the required functions. Note that there are multiple stakeholders for this system.

Make assumptions on the problem statement that are reasonable and doable in the time allocated for this assignment. Document your assumptions in your report. Estimated effort on this assignment is 3 to 6 hours depending on your prior experience with ICASE tools and UML. This is an individual assignment to ensure that all students have a hands-on experience with an industrial strength ICASE system. 

2. Prerequisites

2.1. Create the account on Gliffy using student email id and login using the created account.

2.2. Complete the Tutorial. (Download the tutorial from the Course Module section of Canvas).


3. Assignment Submission

Generate a professional report with the details of your online course registration system. You should briefly describe the requirements/goals of the system and discuss why you chose the actors, use cases, entities, the attributes, the relationships, and the functions that you did. Provide screenshots of the following: (You can also include other screenshots relevant to the report):

§ Use Case Diagrams.

§ Class Diagrams (Document the entities, attributes, attribute data types and relationships)

§ State Chart Diagrams

Please submit your report as a single Word document into the Assignment area in Canvas.

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