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You would like to conduct a survey similar to the one you just analyzed for the students at ROHS,
but you want to focus on a different thing that may contribute to student success: good sleep
habits. But before you go about collecting this data, you need to have a good plan as to how you
are going to organize your study.
1. You need to develop two questions that you are going to ask the participants of your study.
Your friend suggests you ask the questions below. Describe the bias in these questions that
could contribute to skewed results.
a. Do you get enough sleep each night?
b. Are you happy with your grades?
2. You know you can do better than those questions! Write the two questions you actually plan
to ask, being careful to avoid any wording that could create bias in the responses.
b .
3. You would love to give your survey to all of ROHS, but there are 1505 students here, and that
could make things a little tough. You instead try to focus on finding an adequate sample size of
300 students.
A. How will you select your sample? Be sure to explain your methods, using proper
sampling methods.
B. What have you done to make sure it is representative of the entire student population?
4. Now, you actually have to reach out to the people in your sample, and collect your data. How
do you plan to accomplish this? Explain your process thoroughly, including how you set it up to
prevent any other kind of bias from changing the results.
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