In the matter of national security, everything in my power would be possible. I would therefore be prepared to change any necessary changes to my

In the matter of national security, everything in my power would be possible. I would therefore be prepared to change any necessary changes to my lifestyle. This may include giving up any freedoms just to ensure that i live within a secure environment free form criminal and terrorist motives and actions. Although some rights and freedoms are non negotiable, it is important to note that  i would be willing to lose some to gain some leverage on national security. I do believe that the fourth amendment has  been duly violated in the fight against terror. While the amendment requires lawful stop and searches or proper warrants in order to make arrests, some of this has both been done to suspected terrorists and sympathizers. While this is done in good light, to keep the US safe, it still contravenes and goes against the basic standards of the fourth amendment. Terrorism is being combated in a number of ways in the US. It, for example, keeps an eye on potential terrorists, quickly identifies people who may be on the verge of radicalization, and provides extra security to people and buildings at risk. Within the process, it is important that rights of individuals are protected. Sometimes however, this is not case. Some freedoms  are contravened in the search for this security. One of those freedoms is privacy. Sometime security agencies such as the FBI needs to go through people’s private communications in order to identify and get hold of terrorist activity. The interplay and role between federal agencies and local law enforcement is a key aspect in national security. It is one of the key methods through which problems are managed. sharing intelligence between these agencies is a key step in managing terror within the US. The criminal justice system is key in homeland security, it is a conduit through which convicted personnel are assisted to change and be better members of society, away from crime and terrorism. Several outcomes come from the interaction between the government and the private sector. Increased efficiencies in service delivery is one of the advantages. I believe that due to the increased technological evolution. Cyber attacks will be the terrorism of the future. This also includes suicide attacks as opposed to one on one combat. Family and marriage are topics that many people are interested in talking about because it impacts all of us at one point or another. There are multiple social factors that could affect our marriage or family life, some good examples are culture, income, religion or even employment. Thinking back to when my grandparents got married and started building a family, there are many things that have changed and are not the same for us in today’s world. One of the things that my grandmother used to always talk about was education and this is because back when she got married the expectation for women were very different from what they are together. Even though an education was accessible, it was expected for women to stay home while focusing on building a family and taking care of the children since men were supposed to be the bread winner. This has changed tremendously over the years and she always made a point to talk about how great it was the women have so many opportunities now to obtain an education and be successful; in the workforce in whatever we decide to do. In addition, a huge difference that we have to deal with now is social media and how it affects our love lives. A social factor that has to do with this huge impact in our everyday life is culture. Seventy years ago, our grandparents did not have access to the internet and had to go out in order to meet new people but now we can do that from the comfort of our living room while wearing pajamas. This is something that I’m sure many people never though would be possible. Even though social media and today’s technology has made everything more easily accessible it isn’t always a good thing. Back in the day, our grandparents didn’t have to deal with their significant other’s having access to hundreds of single people on a daily basis and unfortunately relationships are put to the test much more now.

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