in the provided answer book, write down the question number and the of the correct answer next to it. For example: 1.1 D Each question

in the provided answer book, write down the question number and the of the correct answer next to it. For example: 1.1 D Each question is worth one marks. QUESTION 1 1.1. Which of the following principles not be followed for stock -taking ? A. Stock-taking should happen at least once a year and when the project is completed B. Spot checks are not a necessity C. Keep the warehouse neat and in order D. Sound administrative and effective cost accounting practices must be followed 1.2 which of the following is incorrect about a float? A. There is only one type of float B. A float can appear at the beginning, during or at the end of an activity. C. Late start minus early start is equal to float D. Late finish minus early finish is equal to float 1.3. Which of the following are not contributing factors for a project failure A. Incompetence of a supplier and skewed negotiations dominated by contractor B. Failure by procurement’s team to successfully short list competent tenderers C. Ill-defined scope and poorly managed milestones D. Well defined scope of work and experienced project team 1.4 which of the following is not a feature for a project closeout report A. It formalizes acceptance of the final product by the customer B. A project review is carried out and feasibility study is carried out C. Project records, lessons learned are recorded and archived D. Project success is celebrated 1.5 The following are features of a project except one. Which of the following is not a feature of a project? A. There is a start date and finish date B. A project is repetitive C. Every project has an element of risk,goal and objectives D. A project Manager is a single point of responsibility 1.6 The following is a false statement about a team. A. A team charter must outline a process to deal with conflict and resolve issues B. Trough interaction they strive to enhance their creativity, innovation, problem solving skills, decision making skills, team morale and job performance C. The following are phases of development: forming, storming, norning, performing and adjourning. D. A team is an unrestricted number of people who work closely together to achieve shared common goals. 1.7 which of the following statements is incorrect about the project execution phase ? A. On acceptance of the project design and project plan, the project sponsor initiates the execution phase to make the project. B. It is the most expensive phase. C. The outputs of this phase are the certificates of completion and project closeout Report. D. It starts with issuing of instructions followed by expedition and data capture to measure performance. 1.8 which of the following statements is not true about the project definition phase? A. Project design and project plan are the outputs of the project definition phase. B. Feasibility study report is an inputs of the definition phase. C. The project manager procures materials. D. The project plan integrates all individual plans. 1.9 The following guidelines must be used when drawing a network diagram i. Do not assign labels or numbers to the nodes(AoN) until the logic of the plan has been checked. Most project management software will accept alphanumeric identifiers, but each one must be unique. When changes are made, the numbers should not be refused. A record should be kept of the last number used. ii. When a network is updated because of changes made to activities still to occur, care must be taken to ensure that any overlap conditions are still correct . iii. Excessive detail is necessary. iv. Always start with the simplest possible network. Keep detail limited to the short-term planning frame, with less detail as the extends into the future. A. i and iii B. i and ii C. I,ii and iii D. I,ii and I’ve 1.10. The following are the acceptance criteria by which a project will be judged. i. are the time constraints? ii. will the cost and resource constraints be? iii. quality or other standards does the project specification aim at? iv. needs to be achieved? A. i B. i and iii C. ii and iv D. i,ii and iii TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS QUESTION 2 The following statements are relevant to the earned value technique: indicate TRUE or FALSE 2.1. Budget at completion (BAC) refers to the original quotation indicating the funds required to start and complete a project. 2.2. EV ( Earned Value)= Percentage complete multiplied by budget at completion 2.3. If CIP>1, it means the project is spending more than it is earning and will make a loss if correction is not taken. 2.4. If SPI>1, it means the project is behind schedule and if correction is not taken, it will finish late. 2.5. The CPI compares the work earned with actual cost.

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