Information storage and management assignment


Consider the topics we have covered in this class, starting with : Types of Data, Big Data, Information Storage, Data Center Infrastructure, Core Elements of a DC, Key Characteristics of a DC, Managing a DC and progressing through RAID Arrays, Business Continuity, Backups and Archives, and Local Replication and explain the following: 

Assume that you have taken a job with a new start-up company as the new Data Center Manager. This company is brand new. The owner/manager is a young couple who been working only from their two laptops up to this point. They have acquired venture capital and are now building a company. They have purchased a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in which to house their offices and Data Center (the Data Center will be allocated to 3,000 sq. ft. of the space). They intend to hire approximately 20 employees and you will be allowed to hire 1 other person to work in the Data Center initially. 

Where do you start? What will you need? Discuss hardware, software, security, policies, etc. It is all on you. [Note: It is fair that you can use “Cloud Computing” for a SMALL portion of your answer. However, do not tell me this entire Data Center will be cloud-based! That is beyond the scope of this course and is not an acceptable answer.] 


The book we have for this course is: Information Storage and Management, 2nd Edition Edited by Somasundaram Gnanasundaram Alok Shrivastava. You can find it in the attachment.

The chapters we covered for this course are:

Chapter 1, Introduction to Information Storage

Chapter 2, Data Center Environment

Chapter 3, Data Protection: RAID

Chapter, 4 Intelligent Storage Systems

Chapter 9, Introduction to Business Continuity

Chapter 10, Backup and Archive

Chapter 11, Local Replication

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