Instructions. example topic quetision Aims and Objectives • Has the 2005 London bombing attack affect laws, policy and border control, how has it increased security

Instructions. example topic quetision
Aims and Objectives
• Has the 2005 London bombing attack affect laws, policy and border control, how has it increased security concern in the UK?
• How much has changed in laws and policies towards security threats?
• How has security been maintained?
• Is immigration and migration linked to terrorism?
• Has the securitisation worked?

some books that I looked at
Adler, E. (1997). Seizing the Middle Ground: Constructivism in World Politics. European Journal of International Relations, 3(3), pp.319-363.
Basaran, T. (2012). Security, law and borders. London: Routledge.
Baylis, J. and Smith, S. (2005). The globalization of world politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
BBC (2014) Powers to stop British jihadists returning to UK – PM [Accessed on 01
BBC (2015) Did Paris attacker pose as a refugee? [Accessed on 01
BBC (2015) 7 July London bombings: 15 changes to anti-terror planning [Accessed on 01
Bossong, R. and Carrapiço, H. (2016). EU borders and shifting internal security.
Bosworth, M. and Guild, M. (2008). Governing Through Migration Control: Security and Citizenship in Britain. British Journal of Criminology, 48(6), pp.703-719.
Grech, o and Wohlfeld, M (2014) Migration in the Mediterranean: Human rights, security and development perspectives. MEDAC: Malta,
Jackson, R. and Sørensen, G. (2016). Introduction to international relations. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.
Matthews, J. (2014). Media performance in the aftermath of terror: Reporting templates, political ritual and the UK press coverage of the London Bombings, 2005. Journalism, 17(2), pp.173-189.
McDonald, M. (2008). Securitization and the Construction of Security. European Journal of International Relations, 14(4), pp.563-587.
Parish, C (2005) The London bombings. The American Journal of Nursing, Vol.105(9), pp.102-103 .
Somerville, W. (2007). Immigration under New Labour. Bristol, UK: Policy Press.
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Steans, J. (2010). An introduction to international relations theory. Harlow, England: Pearson Longman.
Waever, O. (2011). Politics, security, theory. Security Dialogue, 42(4-5), pp.465-480.

The research will be based upon secondary research, on academic sources.

A good introduction should achieve all of the following:
• define the subject and indicate broadly its extent
• indicate the main theme of the work
• state clearly the aims of the dissertation
• provide background information which the reader will need (this includes defining
technical terms or words which are to be used in a special sense)
• indicate the structure of the main chapters
• offer a broad summary of the main argument(s)
(b) Main Chapters: Concentrate on writing one chapter at a time. In each
chapter it may be necessary to do all or some, of the following:
• undertake a literature review (NB: There are strong arguments for NOT having a
separate literature review in the dissertation, which may break up the development
of an argument. You should talk to your supervisor(s) about this.)
• describe methodology used and why
• state the `facts’ (indicating sources);
• analyse and evaluate these `facts’;
• state any conclusions or recommendations from the analysis
Towards the end of each chapter try to give a pointer towards the next section, in the
form of a short ‘mini-conclusion’, thus giving continuity to the dissertation as a whole.
Be wary about the excessive use of footnotes. These can be ful if you need to
include detail useful for the reader but not essential to the flow of the argument, but
otherwise should be minimised.
If statistical material is included ensure that it is presented in the most concise way
possible. Simple numbers are often better dealt with in the text rather than a separate
table. Do not confuse the reader with pages of statistics – supplementary data can be
included in appendices at the end of the dissertation, but the use of these should be
sparing and relevant.
(c) Conclusion: This should be kept reasonably brief and as cogent as possible. It should do
all or some of the following:
• summarise the findings and inferences;
• make recommendations/conclusions/predictions based on the above;
• refer back to the theoretical/analytical framework and evaluate this in light of the
• emphasise the significance of the subject matter;
• refer briefly to any wider consideration or implications outside the limits that have
been set by the dissertation but on which the study may have a bearing .

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