Italy project | Economics homework help

Proceed with the following initial steps to undergo the analysis of the research:

  • After choosing the country, make a short story of it (just ½ page of important data).
  • Describe its location, size of the country, and latest census population.
  • Describe the type of government and type of economy and its currency.
  • Enumerate the most important natural resources.
  • Enumerate the most important exports (five years).
  • Enumerate the most important imports (five years).
  • Identify the country or countries that most important exports are made to.
  • Identify the country or countries that most important imports are made from.
  • Search and confirm if your chosen country belongs to any trade organization.
  • Search and confirm if your chosen country and the country that exports are made to belong to the same trade organization; if not, double check if trades are allowed. 
  • Identify if there are barriers involved, such as tariffs, or quotas.
  • What currency is used for trade?
  • How is payment made?


Below you will find six websites where you can find valuable information about your assigned country for the class project.

Central Intelligence Agency – CIA (Links to an external site.)

World Bank Group – International Development, Poverty, & Sustainability (Links to an external site.)

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) (Links to an external site.)

U.S. Department of Commerce (Links to an external site.)

International Monetary Fund – Homepage ( (Links to an external site.)

U.S. EXIM Bank: Finance Guarantees & Insurance for US Exporters

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