Kindred, pp. 108-188 | English homework help

Kindred, pp. 108-188

Respond to one of the following prompts-

1.The beginning of “The Fight” describes how some of Dana and Kevin’s relatives are resistant to their marriage. Despite the absence of slavery for over a hundred years in the United States, why do you think some of these attitudes persist? What is the nature of racism’s longevity?

2.Sarah exclaims that Rufus is out to get himself killed. Why do you think Rufus seems determined to die?

3.Those slaves who openly rebel or run away are killed, but others find covert ways to rebel. What are some ways that the slaves at the Weylin Plantation fight against their bondsmen?

4.At some point, Dana begins to suspect that she has accepted her status as a slave. Argue for or against this. In this chapter, has she accepted her bondage? Is she still free?



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