Make plans for vacation, wirte the paper by following the rubrics use


Make plans for vacation, wirte the paper by following the rubrics

use Hawaii as the vacation destination 


You and a companion are planning a one week trip this winter. This vacation is the most special one you have ever taken. You would like to take this trip within the US. Based on what you have learned in this class, think about what kind of trip you would like to take.


Make plans for this vacation, considering the following parts as a starting point to plan your vacation:

1. Destination or destinations – 2 points

§ Include one or two map(s) with your destination(s) marked on it (within one page)

§ Include one or two paragraphs explaining why this area interests you

§ Based on lectures on travel motivation, which theory (-ies) best describe your motivations for travel?

2. Trip preparation – 1 points

§ Ways of getting information (places to visit, reviews) on your chosen destination(s)?
(This could be traditional or social media, or common media specific for tourism/trip planning) 

§ List a couple websites or travel agents that you may use for booking for your trip

3. Entertainment and sights to see – 4 points

§ List some of the things you would like to see and do in the area to which you are travelling 

§ Why you want to visit them or do these activities?

* Think of the possible impacts of visiting these places (i.e., cultural, environmental, etc.) and be sure to address this in the reflection section.

4. Transportation – 1 points

§ How will you travel?

§ What will the travel cost be to reach your destination? (include this in budget)

§ How will you travel around after get to the destination and what will this cost? (include this in budget

* Does this form of transport have a relatively high or low carbon footprint? Include this in the reflection.

5. Accommodations – 2 points

§ What type of accommodations will you choose and why so?

§ What are some of the alternatives available for accommodation (and why did you not select these)?

§ What is the estimated cost of your accommodations? (include this in budget)

6. Money/Economy  and budget – 2 points

§ Think of the ways in which you plan to spend money. In what ways will you spend money that will stay in the local economy, minimizing leakages and maximizing linkages? 

§ Provide a table with expenses you think you may have to pay to go on your trip
(i.e., Plane ticket to California – $1,500; Hotel for one week in San Francisco – $700; One week pass – $200)

* Itemize as much as you can, and be as specific as possible! 

* Be sure to indicate the number of people on your trip, the cost per person and the total cost.





Total cost


Plane ticket to California



Hotel for a week in San Francisco



One week city pass












7. Reflection – 3 points

§ Include a minimum 1-page reflection on the potential impacts of your trip.
(Is there any way you could further increase positive impacts while minimizing negative impacts during the trip?) 

* Integrate what you have learned this semester, explain your thoughts on tourism impacts and on how to be a better/more responsible tourist?

References and Resources (listed in APA style)

Suggested resources: Travel brochures, Travel information from travel agencies, Travel books, Library resources, Internet sites. DO NOT GUESS!

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