Microsoft word discussion topic 1


Discussion Topic

Name a type of document that can be created with Microsoft Word (not the blank document). Using what you have learned from practice, describe the functions of Microsoft Word that aid you in creating the document you named. Describe how you would use the Word functions for creating your document.

Thread Directions

Students are required to participate in these weekly online classroom discussion threads. Students should post at least 1 post on 2 separate days in the active week’s discussion thread. Please make sure to read all topic questions, thread directions, and assignment rubric criteria to ensure that responses are accurate and complete. Points may be deducted, at the discretion of the instructor, for not adhering to any of the following guidelines. Discussion posts will be graded according to the assignment rubric provided below.

How to Post

First Post – Respond to the discussion topic questions listed above. Click on the Reply link listed below to make your response. Minimum word count = 100 words

Second Post – Expand and read the instructor’s or a classmate’s post. Click on the Reply link within the post in which you want to respond. Minimum word count = 75 words

Assignment Rubric

Instructions and Scoring

You are required to make 2 posts on 2 separate days (see scoring below), therefore it is strongly suggested that you make your first post early in the week (by Wednesday) so that you have 4 remaining days to make your final post. (week ends Sunday night).

Your responses should be complete, detailed and well thought out. I am looking for original input so please share your experiences so we can all learn from them.

Please note, any questions that I ask within the threaded discussion can be answered and will count as posts like the general topic below. I am looking forward to some great discussions!

The Office Talk will close at 11:59 PM Sunday. You will not be able to make any responses once the discussion has closed, please allocate your time accordingly.

Points per post will be determined as follows:

1st Post (75 points) minimum word count – 100

Substantively respond to all topic questions in one post and spell-check your statement.


Support ideas, opinions and statements with facts from course materials or real life experiences.


Post this response before responding to the instructor and/or any classmate and on a different day from the two subsequent responses.


Total for initial post.


2nd Post (25 points) minimum word count – 75

Substantively respond to the instructor and/or another student who responded to topic and spell-check your statement.


Support ideas, opinions and statements with facts from course materials or real life experiences.


Post response on a different day from other responses.


Total for 2nd post.


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