Ms. Jackson is a substance abuse professional who has been providing addiction counseling to 28-year-old Mr. Anderson for a month. Mr. Anderson smokes cannabis daily

Ms. Jackson is a substance abuse professional who has been providing addiction counseling to 28-year-old Mr. Anderson for a month. Mr. Anderson smokes cannabis daily and occasionally uses heroin, which he says s him manage his anxiety and depression. Ms. Jackson addressed Mr. Anderson’s daily cannabis usage and his occasional use of heroin. Ms. Jackson scheduled the next appointment with Mr. Anderson three days later. At the next scheduled appointment, Mr. Anderson arrives late to his appointment, and he is disheveled. Mr. Anderson explained that his friend overdosed on opioids the night before. Mr. Anderson claims to have been in the emergency room for the past two hours. s friend will most likely survive but may have long-term cognitive problems. Mr. Anderson reported to Ms. Jackson that he felt guilty because he introduced his friend to his cousin, who is a drug dealer. Mr. Anderson’s friend came by to visit first before purchasing the drugs. Mr. Anderson obtains his cannabis and heroin from his cousin as well. After processing the events of the previous evening, Mr. Anderson stated he plans to relocate and has no further contact with the drug dealer. He vows he will no longer associate with his cousin. The police are actively investigating the situation with his friend’s overdose, and Mr. Anderson does not want to get involved. After discussing the situation with Ms. Jackson, Mr. Anderson starts to feel better and schedules his next appointment. Ms. Jackson is disturbed and preoccupied about Mr. Anderson’s story, Ms. Jackson knows the drug dealer’s name from the previous sessions and can figure out the address of the drug dealer based on her client’s address. Ms. Jackson is contemplating making an anonymous call to the police. Ms. Jackson is aware of the increase in opioid use in the community. She recognizes her struggle with moral outrage and a sense of injustice in the situation. Ms. Jackson is faced with a dilemma to report or not to report anonymously to the police. would you do in Ms. Jackson’s situation?

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