Negotiation & Conflict Resolution


WEEK 2 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

One thing to notice with Distributive Bargaining is that both parties want to maximize their share of the resources. It’s competitive; distributive bargaining is basically a competition over who is going to get the most of a limited resource.

The example the book uses is on condo purchasing/selling; but while you are reading the chapter you could think of other examples where the strategies and tactics are the same; for example car buying.


For this assignment; create a thread where you answer the following questions:

1) Why is managing the other party’s impressions important? What tactics can be used to do this? Which tactic do you think is most effective and why? (If you have had any of these tactics used on you or if you have used them yourself, feel free to expand on those examples)

· 2) 5 tactics for closing the deal.

·  The Assumptive Close

· The Reverse Close

· The Time-Sensitive Close

· The Direct-Question Close

· The Direct-Statement Close

Give a separate example for each of these regarding when it would be best to use each of these tactics when closing a deal (think outside the box, it does not always have to be during a sale/purchase)

3) Finally, which of the “Typical Hardball Tactics” do you think is the most effective and why?

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