Nursing health promotion wk5/dis/rep | Nursing homework help


Topic 1: Faith-Based Nursing

Review Healthy People 2020. Identify objectives that are amenable to parish nurse intervention.

  • Describe how faith communities can contribute to the accomplishment of these national health objectives and accomplish the goal of improving the health of the public.

Faith communities play an essential role in accomplishing the goal of improving the health of the public. “From a socioecological perspective, churches can influence individual behaviors at multiple levels. The existence of social networks and social support through churches provides a context for health promotion programming. Health interventions that incorporate spiritual and cultural contextualization are effective to create change” (King, 2014). Faith communities provide many activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Due to the strong beliefs in a faith communities make the people of those communities want to follow everything that is promoted by the activities. “Health messages may be perceived as more important and have a more lasting effect on individual behavioral change by making the link between healthy behavior and taking care of God’s child” (King, 2014).

  • How can nurses working in the community form partnerships with parish nurses and faith communities?

It is important for nurses to work with parish nurses and faith communities because they have many free resources that you can provide to a patient in need. “In addition to participating in group and population activities, the FCN meets regularly with the pastoral staff and coordinates with other community leaders. Together, they identify individuals who may require further assessment or support; become aware of issues that need to be clarified, supported, or addressed; and identify individuals, groups, or issues that have not yet become a part of the congregational wellness program” (King, 2014). Working with these nurses will provide our patient with more resources to better their health.

  • How would such partnerships be beneficial?

The partnership between parish nurses and other nurses play an important role in accomplishing the national health objectives. There partnership creates a better opportunity to increase awareness and provide valuable resources to those that need it.

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