Overview: for this assignment, you will create a short presentation

 Overview: For this assignment, you will create a short presentation that summarizes the key points of your database management system solution. When creating this presentation, imagine that your aim is to present a proposal to management. This proposal should summarize key parts of your solution. Your final project was divided into five parts: Organization; Analysis and Design; DBMS; Data Model; and Law, Ethics, and Security. Each of the slides you are required to create corresponds to one of these five areas. Your presentation should include a cover slide, a minimum of 5 content slides, and speaker’s notes. Speaker’s notes are a more in-depth description of the material on the slide, covering what you would say while giving your presentation. There should be notes for every slide. Please refer to the Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation resource for some tips regarding how to prepare effective presentations. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation software. Specifically, address the following in your presentation, with one slide per bullet point:  A summary of the problem that the organization faced, briefly describing how different departments and operations were impacted by the problem  The physical design of the database that you chose to apply to this situation, based upon the conceptual and logical models that you developed  A recommendation and defense of the best DBMS products that you found, looking at this from the perspective of broad, high-level needs of the organization as a whole  A summary of the enterprise data model that you have developed, with reference to the operating rules within the group that allow for this model  A summary of the security management plan for your design, including key legal and ethical requirements Guidelines for Submission: Your presentation should be at least 5 slides in length and should include a cover slide and speaker’s notes.

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